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As you explore our guide, you will find that we cover more than WordPress website solutions and paid services. We write about image, video and free hosting sites too!

The Top Hosting Sites Are Not Always Best!

We all know that it pays to check out marketplaces and keep abreast of current offers when we subscribe to services of any type.

Hosting Sites Guide by BestHosts

The benefits of checking offers annually are the same as doing comparisons for mobile phone, insurance and cable TV contracts.

Why the same? Because too many companies only seem to be interested in giving the best packages to new customers!

Even so, many webmasters are paying for overpriced plans because they haven’t compared prices recently.

Perhaps even worse still, is the fact that some websites are stuck on outdated platforms.

This means that those sites are unable to move with the times and take advantage of things like free SSL certificates for instance.

Ultimately, if you have a plan with a poor set of features, this can have a negative impact on your goals. No SSL certificate, for instance, can affect the confidence of your visitors and lead to lower rankings in search engines if you have a website.

This is where BestHosts fits in. We make it easy for you to keep abreast of what the best hosting sites have to offer. And all from one convenient location.

So, whether you already have a hosting service provider or, you need a new one – you are in the right place.

How to Find Web Hosts

Besthosts is a hosting sites blog, rather than a web host directory. We do not aim to list every service and company out there. Just the good ones that fit in our main categories.

Try browsing and searching our website to find what you are looking for first. If you cannot find what you seek after doing that: please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It may be that we have not covered the type of service you are interested in yet.

If you need extra advice about choosing the right web host, we are happy to try and help you with that too. You can reach us via email or send us a private message via Facebook if you prefer.